The puzzle of the proton radius


A new experiment has the physics world talking, and the subject is size — specifically the radius of the proton. The problem is, it seems to be smaller than previously thought. So why all the fuss?

To understand the workings of the...

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Firewalls or Cool Horizons?

Firewall Header

Physicists attempt to cool down a heated debate by suggesting quantum entanglement occurs through spacetime wormholes.

The theoretical physics of black holes abounds with paradoxes, such as the loss of information behind the point of no return – the...

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Quantum Weirdness Replaced by Classical Fluid Dynamics

A French team of scientists, led by Physicists Yves Couder and Emmanuel Fort, investigated alternative possibilities in the wave-particle duality interpretation of the double slit experiment by observing bouncing droplets in a vibrating oil bath.  The remarkable results have caught the attention of the public eye as this approach may...

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