What we’ve been up to

The last year or so has been very busy for the scientists at the Hawaii Institute for Unified Physics with new scientists joining the research group, having productive workshops, and learning and engaging with other scientists around the globe.

Here’s a brief update of what they’ve been up to.

In August 2017 scientist Dr Olivier Alirol and Dr Ines Urdaneta joined the research team which was launched with a physics workshop at Torus Tech Labs in California. The team had lots of fun brainstorming about the implications to the electron and the holographic mass solution. They also took time to enjoy the beach and some much-needed volleyball practice.

During that time, the lab was focused on the ARK crystal project and preparations for the Resonance Science Foundation Egypt Delegate gathering 2017. During the gathering in Cairo, both William Brown and Dr Amira Val Baker presented their work to the delegates, with William presenting his latest ARK crystal results and Amira presenting her work on “The electron and the holographic mass solution”.

William Brown presenting his work on ARK crystals at the RSF Delegate Gathering 2017 in Cairo, Egypt. Copyright: Sasha Frate @ Face The Current




Dr Amira Val Baker presenting her work on the electron mass solution at the RSF Delegate Gathering 2017 in Cairo, Egypt. Copyright: Sasha Frate @ Face The Current


Meanwhile some interesting news had been received about a significant publication citing both a paper by Nassim and Dr Elizabeth Rauscher and a paper by William, Nassim and Amira. Professors Dirk K. F. Meijer and Hans J. H. Geesink, from the University of Groningen, and the Biophysics Group, Loon op Zand, The Netherlands, respectively, published a paper entitled Consciousness in the Universe is Scale Invariant and Implies an Event Horizon of the Human Brain. The paper, published in the Journal of Neuroquantology in September 2017, cited

The unified Spacememory Network paper was further cited by Professors Dirk K. F. Meijer and Hans J. H. Geesink in their recent paper published this July at the Open Journal of Biophysics, entitled Guided Folding of Life’s Proteins in Integrate Cells with Holographic Memory and GM-Biophysical Steering

Following the Delegate gathering in Egypt, Nassim left to present at the Connecting Universes conference, held in Tylosand Hotel, Sweden from 19-22 October 2017. The event focused on science, health and well-being where Nassim presented a 6-hour lecture on unified physics and the ARK crystal. It was at this Connecting Universes conference that Nassim re-connected with Dr Johanna Deinert M.D., whom he had previously worked with during his first conferences in Saarbrücken, Germany, back in 2011 and 2012.

Johanna’s work as a medical doctor focuses on cardiovascular prevention and holistic healthcare, including electrophysiological diagnostic of meridians, exploiting homeopathic remedies for chronic inflammation and the analysis of the autonomic nervous system via fractal arrangements in the spaces between the heartbeats (heart-rate variability). In understanding biological coherence patterns, synergies arise not only for research on holographic memory-encoding in water and the human energetic systems, but also for the psychosomatic effects of meditating on well-being and consciousness.

Since joining the research team Johanna connected with the German Society for Energy-Medicine DGEIM (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Energie und Informationsmedizin) and was invited in April as possible new board member to their annual Energy Medicine Congress at the Town hall of Heidelberg. The highlight was the lecture by Prof. James Oschman Ph.D., whose book “Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis” had significantly influenced her decision to change career from Transplant-Surgery to Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). In his lecture, Prof. Oschman discussed his research on the scientific basis for a “Quantum information Field” as the underlying principle in the Universe, which he suggests as a possible explanation to the biomedical phenomena of morphogenesis and homeopathy. Johanna wrote a summary article on the congress lectures for the DGEIM, which was recently published in a German Journal for Complementary Medicine (CoMed Fachmagazin f. Complementärmedizin).

Picture of Johanna while networking on the DGEIM Collage for the Energy Medicine Congress 2018, Heidelberg, Germany.
Prof. James Oschman (besides her) holding a tensegrity model; Timo Glowatzki (down left), whom Nassim worked with, talking about the complexity of Phi; Priv.Doz. Dr.med. habil. Hendrik Treugut, President of the DGEIM and Prof. Konstatin Meyl, former DGEIM board member, more on his field-theory on potential vortex, scalar waves & alternative energy can be found here

In June, as a follow up to the congress conversations, Nassim and Johanna attended the foundation meeting of the “Network Interdisciplinary Life Sciences, NILS” under the lead of the DGEIM and the Cybertronica UG. As a completion of Nassims visit to Germany, with the help of Johanna, his German publisher recorded an interview with Nassim.

Nassim presenting his work at the NILS foundation meeting, near Stuttgart, Germany 2018

In October, Dr Amira Val Baker left the Connecting Universes conference in Sweden, to go to London, UK where she met for tea and discussions with Prof Bernard Carr. He invited her to the Emergent Quantum Mechanics – David Bohm Centennial Symposium held at Senate House at the University of London. The three-day event saw theorists, experimentalists, physicists, mathematicians and anaesthesiologists come together to discuss the work of David Bohm with the theme “Towards Ontology of Quantum Mechanics and the Conscious Agent”. Among the scientists were renowned mathematician Sir Roger Penrose and anaesthesiologist Dr Stuart Hameroff, who both discussed their joint research in formulating the orchestrated objective reduction (Orch-OR) model of consciousness. Read more about Orchestrated Objective Reduction here.

Emergent Quantum Mechanics – David Bohm Centennial Symposium, Senate House, London 2017

Dr Stuart Hameroff presenting at the Emergent Quantum Mechanics – David Bohm Centennial Symposium, Senate House, London 2017

Professor Roger Penrose presenting at the Emergent Quantum Mechanics – David Bohm Centennial Symposium, Senate House, London 2017

Among the many connections made at the Connecting Universes conference in Sweden, was with one of the hosts and organizers Maria Carolina Bruhl Rojas, who, after hosting subsequent events for Nassim in Monaco and Sweden this April, has since joined the research team.

Maria Carolina Bruhl Rojas presenting in Monaco, 2018

The event in Monaco was also attended by Dr Olivier Alirol, who has been busy in France working in both theoretical and applied physics to better understand matter in order to achieve groundbreaking and concrete applications.

Dr Olivier Alirol and Nassim connecting with Maria Carolina Bruhl Rojas in Monaco 2018

In May, while living in Mexico City, Dr Inés Urdaneta was invited as a speaker at the “Planeación Evolutiva”, Science and Consciousness conference, where she participated in two sections, the collective quantum effect, and, the science of consciousness, together with Howard Martin (brain-heart coherence), Carlos Orozco (epigenetics), Esther del Rio (water as a liquid crystal and biomagnetism), among others. The three-day event gathered specialists in different domains of science and well-being, such as Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, José Luis Bueno, and many others.

Dr Ines Urdaneta presenting at the “Planeación Evolutiva”, Science and Consciousness conference, in Mexico City 2018

Inés’s research as a physicist focuses on light matter-interactions, and her work links this interaction with a feedback feedforward mechanism directly related to the information network in the structure of the vacuum. The whole study relates as well with mathematical descriptions such as filtration theory, nonconventional analysis and vortex mathematics. She is also collaborating with the complex system group at Instituto de Fisico-Matemáticas, from the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, México.

On May 28th William Brown opened his online Resonance Academy course “Big Questions” with a live introductory lecture. The Big Questions curriculum covers foundational principles in unified physics, such as quantum geometrodynamics, and the correspondence of entanglement with spacetime geometry, as well as biophysics principles involving biogenesis, morphogenesis, evolution, development, and the emergence of sentient physical systems. The course, which is now open for registration, includes 4 primary lessons, each accompanied by a filmed lecture and a live faculty-student Q&A session.

Last month, in June 2018, we were excited to have another new member to join our research team: Nicola Cinardi who is a second year PhD student of complex systems in the DYNSYSMATH (DYNamical systems and non-equilibrium states of complex SYStems: MATHematical methods and physical concepts) group at the University of Catania.

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